Marley Brooker – Heartbreak Marley [Book 1 & 2] Mixtape (FULL ALBUM STREAM & D/L LINKS) #MarleyMondays

Heartbreak Marley: Book 1 & 2

Containing a collection of previously unreleased recordings and new songs, Heartbreak Marley, reflect the different aspects of heartbreak Marley has experienced or caused.

Heartbreak Marley is Marley Brooker’s (of Relentless Intent) 2nd solo mixtape. Heartbreak Marley contains two discs and each Book reflects a different energy.

Heartbreak Marley Tracklist Back Cover

The “Book 1” disc is the first of two discs. It is entitled “Forever”.

Heartbreak Marley [Book1] Cover Art Download the full “Book 1 – Forever” right here:

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Stream the full “Book 1 – Forever” right here:


The “Book 2” disc is the second of two discs. It is entitled “King Crookz”.

Heartbreak Marley [Book2] Cover Art

Download the full “Book 2 – King Crookz” right here:

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* removed “Take Me Alive (War Ready)” due to copyrights [Direct D/L for “Take Me Alive (War Ready)” – ]

Stream the full “Book 2 – King Crookz” right here:


Heartbreak Marley Tracklist Back Cover


Book 1 – Forever

  1. Last Forever [prod. by Fresh Kid Blaze] feat. D. Jones
  2. The Side
  3. Show Me That
  4. So Many Girls
  5. We Can Get It (R World)
  6. The Vapors feat Jhene Aiko
  7. My West Side Story
  8. Like Me feat Beyoncé
  9. I Ain’t Yo Mane [prod. by Fresh Kid Blaze] feat Fresh Kid Blaze
  10. Back 2 Black feat Amy Winehouse
  11. Work These Streets feat D. Jones & P.S.
  12. When U Find

Book 2 – King Crookz

  1. Take Me Alive (War Ready) feat D. Jones
  2. King Crookz (Hallucinations II) feat Tessa Hammond
  3. No Sleep feat Trademark, Curren$y & Young Roddy
  4. Own The Night [prod. by Trak Dummyz] feat D. Jones
  5. Buck & Butts feat D. Jones
  6. Grins-Evil-Laughter [Part 1] [prod. by DuCe]
  7. Lucky feat 2pac & Janet Jackson
  8. Fuckin Awesome [prod. by Fresh Kid Blaze] feat Fresh Kid Blaze
  9. They Know (K.O.D.) feat Moe Black
  10. Slights feat D. Jones
  11. Strangers feat Jhene Aiko & D. Jones
  12. Blinded feat Starr & Lil Wayne
  13. Getaway [prod. by Trak Dummyz] feat 2pac

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Marley Brooker – Lucky #MarleyMondays

Lucky Cover Art

With a little less than a week before Marley Brooker’s 2nd solo project is slated to drop, “Lucky” is this weeks #MarleyMondays selection. Check it out as it features a sample of the late great Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson from motion picture Poetic Justice.

#HeartbreakMarley drops this Friday – 3.29.14

DL Link –

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Sage The Gemini – Down On Your Luck (feat. August Alsina) #ForeplayFridays

Sage The Gemini’s debut album Remember Me comes out March 25th (view full track list here) and here’s a collaboration with August Alsina that fans can download if they pre-order the album on iTunes. Listen to the soulful street track ‘Down On Your Luck’  below.

August Alsina also has an album coming up. April 15th marks the release date for his debut album TestimonyCheck out the Jeezy-assisted single “Make It Home.”

August Alsina Testimony

Nipsey Hussle – Count Up That Loot #WestCoastWednesdays

Nipsey Hussle appreciates his fans, and that’s proven by the backstory behind why he released “Count Up That Loot.”

Back on January 13, the West Coast rapper was scheduled to perform a Crenshaw tour show in Denver, but had to cancel due to bad weather. Neighborhood Nip took to Twitter to apologize. “My deepest apologies to all my people in Denver that were expecting us tonite. the hwy’s wouldn’t let us through based on the weather…,” he wrote.

Next, Nipsey said, “The show will be rescheduled and I’m dropping new music for y’all in the am because of the let down. #crenshawtour continues 2marrow 1.” Consider “Count Up That Loot,” a mellow track produced by DJ Drew Byrd, to be the MCs amends.

Tune into the record below, and be sure to check out Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw project ( if you haven’t already.


Bob Marley x Steven Tyler – Roots, Rock, Reggae #MarleyMondays

Bob Marley and Steven Tyler

Chant Down Babylon is one of my favorite Bob Marley albums due to it’s integration with modern day Hip Hop. On this version of “Roots, Rock, Reggae” it features Steven Tyler, singing a duet with & Bob Marley, and Joe Perry on guitar. Steven’s parts were recorded in Joe Perry’s studio [the Boneyard] in Mid-January of 1999.

Steven Tyler: “When we heard that Stephen (Marley) was doing this album it was like I couldn’t have asked, of all the songs on it, which song we would like to mess around with and it was thank you lord! One more gift, one more day of rock!

Julian Marley: “The rock and reggae have a relationship which is rebellious. The rebellious side. And, as you can hear in “Roots, Rock, Reggae.” That rock guitar surely goes with it. You know what I mean?

Joe Perry: “I looked at it more like jamming with them, you know? We had gotten up on stage with them at some point in the seventies. It’s probably what it sounded like if the tape was rolling.

Steven Tyler: “Bob (Marley) will always be here because of his music. He will always be here because of the freedom that his music has given people. And, he will always be in the room, especially when somebody get the rare chance to sing with him on a track and have them bring in, take the tracks out. I close my eyes and he’s here.

Bob Marley - Chant Down Babylon

“Roots, Rock, Reggae” was originally released on Bob Marley & The Wailers 1976 breakthrough album, “Rastaman Vibration.”

Marley Brooker – The Vapors (Relentless Remix) (Feat. Jhene Aiko) #MarleyMondays

The Vapors (Relentless Remix) – Marley Brooker featuring Jhene Aiko. Off Marley Brooker’s upcoming mixtape “Heartbreak Marley”. #MarleyMondays

Jhene Aiko and Marley Brooker

“I kind of been sprung off Jhene since I heard her on that track that had Kanye on it about selling souls… It caught my ear I think it was ‘Sailing NOT Selling’. Her beat game is always very proper. I’m a fan of quality production.” Marley tells Are U Relentless? “My homegirls listen to her heavy and once I seen that she was a cutie it was a wrap for the me… the music me! I’m surprised it took me so long to mixtape one of her joints especially since I’m a studio rat.”

D/L Link:

Heartbreak Marley is scheduled for release in 12 days. It contains a collection of previously unreleased recordings and new songs that reflect the different aspects of heartbreak Marley has experienced or caused.

Check out Jhene’s “The Worst” music video.