Marley Brooker – The Vapors (Relentless Remix) (Feat. Jhene Aiko) #MarleyMondays

The Vapors (Relentless Remix) – Marley Brooker featuring Jhene Aiko. Off Marley Brooker’s upcoming mixtape “Heartbreak Marley”. #MarleyMondays

Jhene Aiko and Marley Brooker

“I kind of been sprung off Jhene since I heard her on that track that had Kanye on it about selling souls… It caught my ear I think it was ‘Sailing NOT Selling’. Her beat game is always very proper. I’m a fan of quality production.” Marley tells Are U Relentless? “My homegirls listen to her heavy and once I seen that she was a cutie it was a wrap for the me… the music me! I’m surprised it took me so long to mixtape one of her joints especially since I’m a studio rat.”

D/L Link:

Heartbreak Marley is scheduled for release in 12 days. It contains a collection of previously unreleased recordings and new songs that reflect the different aspects of heartbreak Marley has experienced or caused.

Check out Jhene’s “The Worst” music video.


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