Nipsey Hussle – Count Up That Loot #WestCoastWednesdays

Nipsey Hussle appreciates his fans, and that’s proven by the backstory behind why he released “Count Up That Loot.”

Back on January 13, the West Coast rapper was scheduled to perform a Crenshaw tour show in Denver, but had to cancel due to bad weather. Neighborhood Nip took to Twitter to apologize. “My deepest apologies to all my people in Denver that were expecting us tonite. the hwy’s wouldn’t let us through based on the weather…,” he wrote.

Next, Nipsey said, “The show will be rescheduled and I’m dropping new music for y’all in the am because of the let down. #crenshawtour continues 2marrow 1.” Consider “Count Up That Loot,” a mellow track produced by DJ Drew Byrd, to be the MCs amends.

Tune into the record below, and be sure to check out Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw project ( if you haven’t already.



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