Massive nuke-like explosion rocks Chinese city of Tianjin; 50+ dead, hundreds injured

A series of huge explosions shook the northern Chinese city of Tianjin late Wednesday, killing at least 50 people and injuring hundreds more, according to officials and state media. However many are questioning the valid of those numbers due to the extensiveness of the damage.


Tianjin, China (CNN) 

The cause was not immediately clear. But the aftermath looks like a scene out of the Terminator movies.

150814105308-tianjin-blast-26-exlarge-169 150813090949-03-tianjin-0813-exlarge-169 1000

How could merely 44-50 people have been killed when the rubber off the car tires completely melted away?

There are also raised speculations of foul play after China reported they didn’t believe it was an accident and send over 200 experts in bio and nuclear weapons. An indication they do not know what truly has taken place?

Watch the video below. Does it seem like a chemical explosion or a nuke-type explosion?

The dust hasn’t settled and China is being tight lipped about the situation so we will all have to stay tuned before we jump to conclusions. It’s just a bit strange Iran, Russia and now China, three countries we are seemingly headed towards conflict with have all had major tragedies happen via explosions. It makes us step back and think…..



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